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  • Suzanne Rightley

The Buttercup Girls

Sophie, Bessie, and Nell are Daisyville's youngest detectives. Thanks to their investigative know-how, the local Sheriff can put his feet up and enjoy his coffee. And that's a good thing, because this dusty old town has more than its share of hysterics and drama.

FYI... Girl detectives, in the late 1800s, had to be determined, ambitious, and fearless. A good sense of humour didn't hurt either... ha-ha!

Sophie, and her friends, check all the boxes... they're observant, have gut instinct, are super energetic, and possess topnotch communication skills.

But get this... In those days...girl didn't have apps, social media, websites, or ... phones?


Thief in the Rosebush - Case #1

Someone or something has stolen Miss Maddie's shoe.

Who or what would snatch a shoe right off an old lady's foot?

Is it another prank by those pesky Bartlett Boys?

What's up with the librarian?

The whole town is in an uproar.

Speculation runs high...

And as for the local sheriff...


Enter The Buttercup Girls...

A note to Parents and Teachers about Buttercup Girls Mystery Stories

  • Timeless, wholesome tales of intrigue

  • Appeals to a young girl's natural curiosity

  • Humour woven into narrative throughout the story

  • Girls sense their involvement in solving the case by adding up the clues, evidence, and facts along with the story's main characters

  • A fun, easy, and friendly read, enjoyed by girls 7 and up

  • Free from unacceptable language/content for this age group

  • Note: These stories do not have picture illustrations -- keeping the child's focus on the narrative, building upon their innate sense of adventure and imagination.

Thief in the Rosebush is the first book of this series -- The Buttercup Girls Mystery Stories.

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