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  • Suzanne Rightley

Teach Kids the Value of Gardening

In our fast-food-processed makes sense to take some valuable breathing time... to relax and focus on what's truly important. And when it comes to our children...guiding them to the

simple basics of

Few efforts compare to the importance of gardening.

Guiding children through the planting of a vegetable garden may encourage them to appreciate the wonders, the flavours, and the wide assortment of these life-enhancing foods -- (which we too often, simply take for granted) -- our nutrient/vitamin rich vegetables.

There's a difference between picking up our veggies, at the supermarket, and hand selecting ripe produce from the family garden.

The land is living... the soil is rich... small hands touching new shoots... connection between child and life-producing plants is made... appreciation grows...

Gardening builds a foundation of gratitude, awe, and a respect for nature.

Priceless Indeed

The seeds you and your child sow go far beyond a single planting season.


Planting season is upon us and school is about to be let out for the summer... take advantage of this time to plan, and involve children is the gardening process.

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Thanks for your visit, Suzanne

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