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  • Suzanne Rightley

Take Responsibility for Children’s Future Health

We are at a unique place in our so called evolutionary history. Never has there been a time when so many people are suffering so many problems and diseases—largely of our own making.

What we are collectively experiencing does not necessarily fall under a textbook definition of evolutionary change. However, in less than one hundred years, we have witnessed drastic changes to human health, to the point that we do not share the same general appearances of our ancestors.

Therefore, not evolutionary by definition, nonetheless, significant because of its impact upon humanity.

For comparison purposes, if our predecessors had the ability to take selfies, snapshots, family portraits and group photos, we would be immediately struck by how different we are in our physical characteristics today.

Of course the basics would remain the same—arms, legs, eyes, ears, and so forth. What would not be the same is our body composition. A group photo from the early 1800s would be vastly different from a similar type-photo now.

‘Vastly’ would be the intended pun of our sad observations.

Being overweight, obese, and/or morbidly obese were not problems common to humanity for the span of our history. This is a phenomenon that crept-up on us, beginning in the late 19th century to this present time—with the 21st experiencing the greatest pun intended.

Therefore, it is a unique time in our history, for many reasons. However, on a uniqueness level, none compares to the wonderful possibilities that have arisen to reverse it.

This is our time, our opportunity to effect change.

Furthermore, there has never been a better opportunity to educate ourselves—we can make significant changes to our own health but to a greater extent—we can help our children.

We can and should feel obligated to prevent them from ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ that we ignorantly inherited.

We were ignorant—not so anymore.

They do not need to suffer the diseases and problems that are now, unmistakably proven to be associated with—processed-foods.

We can do something about it. It’s the right thing to do...


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