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  • Suzanne Rightley

Stick to Irons

The NHL!

Every young hockey player's dream! Right?

Wrong!...And one kid might be the only person on the planet, that thinks so...

But, Hey ... he's got his reasons...

Fifteen-year-old Eddie has a shot at the biggest league of all. The NHL!

He's the real deal and his 'hockey-crazed' family never lets him forget it -- not even for a minute.

They are cheering him on, from the arena to their kitchens, living rooms, and backyard barbecues. You get the picture -- it's a lot!

Eddie's got the game and he's got the why would he want to dump hockey -- yeah, you heard that right -- dump hockey to trade in his helmet, stick, and skates for ... A driver, putter, and golf shoes?

Off-season hockey means on-season golf, and this year, his summer job has Eddie teeing up with a whole new set of challenges.

Teaming up with old friends and making new ones, means Eddie's playbook has gone off the ice to the fairways and... business meetings? Huh?

As new jobs pile up, old pressures persist, and as Eddie soon learns... some decisions can't be put off forever.

It'll be fun, it'll be challenging, but for Eddie... addressing his issues is a lot more complicated than 'addressing the ball'.

To Parents and Educators: Tee it Up Series

  • Wholesome content centered around the importance of family, friends, and community

  • Career choices, making the right decisions can be challenging - these fiction stories encourage openness and discussion between kids and their parents/teachers

  • Junior golf is growing in popularity and provides a great backdrop for kids' fiction

Stick to Irons is available now on Amazon.

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