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  • Suzanne Rightley

Power of Words

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but…’

About that but

Most of us are familiar with this expression, and for good reason. We admit the second part (words will never hurt me) for what it is…defensive bluster.

The truth is a different matter, because yes…words can, and do, most certainly hurt us.

Whether we admit it or not, words affect us.

  • Kind, thoughtful words encourage

  • Hateful, judgmental words tear us down

Furthermore, social media has added a whole new dimension to our conversations and not always for the best.

It’s easy to fire off a comment, a rebuttal, a criticism considering the anonymity of the Internet.

A thoughtless remark has no consequence to the one making it… but to the recipient… well, the words may ‘sting’.

Much has been said about this and a lengthy post is not needed. We get it. However, a reminder, once in a while, may help us to do better.

With that in mind… consider taking a slight pause before pushing that send button

Think… “Would I say this, to this person, if I were face to face with him or her?”

Moreover, if we are parents, guardians, and teachers, let’s not forget...for a second... the example we set for our children.

We have the responsibility of helping them to adjust and grow into their soon to be adult-selves.

If we ever hope for a kinder world, we ought to consider the impact we make on the future generation.

Suzanne Rightley is an author of children’s fiction stories. Visit her author page for a list of her books.

Visit her website at

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