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  • Suzanne Rightley

Part of Life’s Rich Tapestry

Life’s RICH Tapestry – sounds nice doesn’t it?

The best part? It’s true!

We are part of this amazing tapestry.


Not so fast.

Admit it... we’re drawn to that ‘rich’ part, right? But, to our credit, we readily acknowledge it’s not the materialistic aspect of it. (Well okay, maybe a little.)

Rather... we’d like to think that ‘life itself’ is so rich, so awesome, that our tapestry, (the part we are all part of), is rich in joy, rich in living to the fullest, joie-de-vivre, and all that. Sigh... You can almost hear the violins playing in the background of our collective minds.

However, there’s a life’s-rich-reality-check tapestry... Sadly our current tapestry includes Covid-19, vaccines, masks, and social distancing.


Globally, we’re resigned to this... uh... intrusion, it’s the part of life’s rich tapestry that makes us cringe. No violins! We certainly haven’t welcomed it with open arms, yet we’ve adjusted (sorta).

This phenomenon, we are all experiencing, is beyond our control. Collectively, we are struggling to not be discouraged, not sad or glum but let’s face it, this part of life’s rich tapestry – totally sucks.

We’d most certainly like to change it, but alas... we are, for all intents and purposes... powerless.

So, we make the best of it, we follow the rules, we encourage and support one another. And, ultimately... that’s the ‘rich’ part. The part of humanity that includes the resilience and care we have for others as well as ourselves.

The violins are back, a little off tune but.. oh well.

Thanks for your visit

I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out for a friend who does some pretty amazing art. It’s unique and the kind of tapestry we can still control.

If you have a little time, take a minute to visit Shannon’s Etsy store. This might be the physical aspect of life’s rich tapestry that you’d like to have in your home – to share with family and friends in the art décor form.


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