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Kids Fiction Books Look Ahead to Changes in Nutritional Health

Change may start with us (the adults)... but the next generation may be the ones to pull it off. A new children's fiction series by Suzanne Rightley addresses current health crisis as a contribution to build awareness...

If you ask a 12-year-old who Ralph Nader is... you'd probably draw a blank stare. In fact, many thirty-somethings might not have a clue, unless they had studied his life's efforts in elementary or secondary school.

I recently heard an interview with Dr. Robert Lustig, who has, and continues to direct much of his energy toward changing the current perception of nutrition, and the root causes of many, if not most, metabolic diseases today.

In the interview... and I'm paraphrasing from memory, so that's like two strikes against

Dr. Lustig pragmatically, and wisely, stated (and I must agree) that his efforts, and the efforts of others, who hold similiar beliefs (based on scientific fact, btw), may not be the ones to actually effect the change, that he himself... and by extenstion... me, and many others... may not achieve his/our goals, dreams, visions, etc. in his/our lifetimes.

(Just being realistic, I suppose.)

So, on the one hand..., my realistic side, agrees. Some things may feel as difficult as 'climbing Mt. Everest', but we ought not allow the difficulties to hold us back. If it's the right thing to do... then 'go for it'.

So thank you Dr. Lustig and everyone else!

Thankfully, many people, down through the pages of history, have endeavored to do just that... go for it! And, future generations are thankful, whether they know it or not.

On the other hand, my hopeful side and... I dare say..., the hopeful side of anyone who endeavors to make their lifes' work to improve quality of life..., is to see, with our own eyes, those changes come to pass, within our lifetimes.

If we, those of us who want nutritional lifestyle changes, didn't hope... didn't expect to see those changes to begin... "like, yesterday", to coin a popular phrase... would we put in the effort today?

On that note, I submit the work of Ralph Nader. Mr. Nader saw the need to confront the huge automotive industry and demand that seatbelts be, not an option, but a necessary part of every vehicle manufactured -- just as important as, let's say, the engine.

He wrote a book, he formed groups, becames a spokesman, etcetera, etcetera.

And... guess what -- no internet, cell phones, twitter -- no, none of that. No violent protests. Just hard, dedicated work. Think Phil Donahue interviews here, as an example... lol.

My point here... is to say, that it is possible to begin the efforts of change, and see it to its fruition. Mr. Nader saw the fruits of his labor. He undoubtedly drove a car, right off the lot, fully equipped with safety-minded seat belts.

To that end... I throw my efforts, into that huge visionary pot.

  • The food guide is not accurate.

  • Added sugar is killing us.

  • Healthy-saturated fats, such as butter and beef tallow, are not the bad guys - heavily-refined seed oils, aka, vegetables oils are the real killers.

Much of what is sold in our supermarkets should be tossed in the trash. Processed foods are potentially toxic and are the leading cause of Metabolic Syndrome, which manifests itself as Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Dementia, Cardiovascular Disease, and several types of Cancer.

We may begin the change now. We may hope to see those changes become reality tomorrow, but the truth of the matter is... that it does take time.

Children today, will be the adults of tomorrow.


They will grow up and live within the framework of our vision for healthy-nutritional lifestyles.

Granola Brea, Health-nut Books, written by Suzanne Rightley, is part of an effort for change. Kids who read these books today, will grow up with the facts, they will question what it is they are eating, and begin making right choices, expecting nothing less for their health and their future health.

The Granola-Brea Series, available now on Amazon

Book 1 Granola Brea Confessions of a Health-nut

Book 2 Granola Brea Spotlight on a Health-nut


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