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How 'Quiet Quitting' Can Build Parenting Skills

Quiet Quitting is a popular term that is generating a lot of buzz in the business world. It's merits and flaws are being hashed about while we speak - so to speak.

How can this growing trend help parents and their offspring?

As most parents know - parenting is a 24/7 job - no quiet quitting allowed.

While children are young, they are a parents #1 priority. As a parent, you know where they are... at all times... and you strive to make sure they are safe while they enjoy the fullness of childhood.

Quiet Quitting in the workplace might work for parents in unseen ways...

Why not consider it a little declutter time. A time to kind of free up some mental space to...

  1. Acquire more emotional skills - Less stress in the workplace might mean a more balanced response time to typical parental triggers. No flying off the handle when laundry ends up under the bed instead of in the hamper.

  2. Planning opportunities - On those coffee breaks, a relaxed employee might take a few minutes to update chore schedules or browse for craft-making ideas.

  3. Evaluate current listening skills - When a working parent isn't obsessed with the next spreadsheet or how to score points at an upcoming meeting, he or she might be thinking about the last conversation they had with their teenager. Did he tell me he has a new set of friends last night over our spaghetti dinner or is he going to the game with kids I know?

Really... the list could go on and on. A less occupied employee might easily mean a more occupied parent. A parent's job is no easy task but coming at it with a peaceful, calm attitude rather than a harried one, might mean relationship benefits with your kids.

Although... as a word of caution.

'Quiet Quitting' might sound like the perfect answer for the workplace, but don't overdue it...

It would be a real bummer to Quiet Quit to the extent your boss Quietly Decides...

"This dreamer has to go!"

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