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  • Suzanne Rightley

Fiction Books - Timeless Gift Idea for Children

Fiction never loses its appeal, or importance, for kids of all ages.

Why Suzanne Rightley Books - a good choice

Suzanne Rightley is an author of children’s fiction stories for independent readers between the ages of 7-15.

Written with lively dialogue, plenty of humour, plots and subplots, mystery and intrigue, Rightley Books have a child’s natural curiosity firmly in mind.

If nurturing a child’s imagination is a priority, then Suzanne’s books encourage her readers to ‘paint the picture’ in their own minds.

Media influence surrounds us (and our children) everywhere we go. Seldom are we not assaulted by visuals that dictate what appeals to us. It’s a world of ‘bells and whistles’ and whether we realize it or not – we are guided (some would say manipulated) into what the ‘seller’ wants us to believe.

Children’s fiction requires no ‘bells and whistles’ if the narration provides the visuals in words.

  • A child’s imagination is still required to complete the comprehension process.

  • Pictures can be helpful, yes, but not necessary.

  • Encouraging children to search their minds’ eye to ‘see’ the story is a good thing.

Book Series by Suzanne Rightley

Buttercup Girls Mystery Stories

Light, fun reading for girls 7 -9 who love a few giggles with their mysteries.

Granola Brea Health-nut Books

Navigating through a junk-food obsessed world isn’t for the fainthearted. Brea is determined to handle any predicament that challenges a true health-nut. Full of hilarious moments appealing to 10-14.

Tee it Up Series

Junior golf is a growing sport and makes a great backdrop to explore challenges that face tweens and young teens. Topics include lifeskills, career choices, and family/friend/coworker relationships.

Note: Extensive knowledge of golf rultes/etiquette is not required. Relatable narrative for boys 12-15

Ivey Sisters, P.I.

Inheriting a detective agency presents challenges for Claire and Connie Ivey. With the help of loyal employees and a family friend/cop, the sisters tackle strange cases with surprising twists. For mystery lovers ages 12-15.

Visit Suzanne’s author page for details: Suzanne Rightley or visit her author website @

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