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Granola Brea

Brea isn't your average 12-year-old girl.

Nope! She's a TOTAL HEALTH-NUT, all caps!!

Wholesome food is her thing... she studies and she knows a lot.

What she doesn't know... 

Is how to keep her big mouth shut.

Move over doctors, nutrionists, and scientists

It's time for a kid, to step up, and explain what's what!

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Granola Brea

Note To Parents

Granola Brea Books are hilarious tales of what one determined girl can achieve with just a little bit of nutritional knowledge that she willingly shares with others.

  • Ideal for independent readers 10+

  • Lively dialogue between friends, family, and community

  • Plenty of hilarious predicaments/occasional clashes, appealing to a child's natural love for all things humourous

  • Delivers valuable healthy lifestyle info; instils the value of healthy choices

  • The main character is an independent thinker; she's brave, sets goals, and demonstrates a willingness to battle her own fears, with the support and encouragement of family and friends

  • Health-conscious readers can identify with Granola Brea; navigating in a world of poor health choices, is a challenge for us all, yet this 12-year-old presses on, through all sorts of adversity... holding on to the nutritional facts

  • Ultimately, this series of books aims to increase awareness; topics such as Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, and other metabolic-related diseases, are explored... via the gentler, less threatening format... we love... fiction

Confessions of a Health-nut

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