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Buttercup Girls
Mystery Stories

Sophie, Bessie, and Nell are Daisyville's youngest detectives. Thanks to their investigative know-how, the local Sheriff can put his feet up and enjoy his coffee. And that's a good thing, because this dusty old town has more than its share of hysterics and drama.

Buttercup Girls Mysteries

Note to Parents

Buttercup Girls Mystery Stories

  • Timeless, wholesome tales of intrigue

  • Appeals to a young girl's natural curiosity

  • Humour woven into lively narrative 

  • Young readers sense their involvement in solving each case by adding up the clues, evidence, and facts along with the story's main characters

  • A fun, easy, and friendly read, enjoyed by independent readers 7 and up

  • Free from unacceptable language/content for this age group

  • Note: These stories do not have picture illustrations - the child's focus is solely on the narrative, building upon their innate sense of adventure, and imagination

Books availabe in paperback or ebook on Amazon

Thief in the Rosebush

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